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Fight for $15


I was hired by M&R to create a modular brand and identity for Fight for $15 . As the campaign gained momentum, it needed a cohesive look to make the media and conversation around it consistent.

The angled, boxed logo came from the idea of capturing a sign at a picket line or a protest; it encapsulates uprising and agitation. As the movement is focused on fast food chains, the colors reflect their palettes.

 For the March on MacDonald’s in Chicago, I illustrated Trump as Ronald McDonald to underscore McDonald’s is the Trump of corporations.

Art direction - Elizabeth Daggar

Design - Elizabeth Daggar

Illustration - Elizabeth Daggar

Fight for $15 rally in Milwaukee
Fight for $15 in the media
Fight for $15 social posts
Fight for $15 Donald McTrump illustration
Fight for $15 Donald McTrump social posts
Fight for $15 McDonald's rally
Fight for $15 Style Guide page
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