World Pride 2019
Event Design

In 2019 New York City was the host for World Pride, which coincided with Stonewall 50. NYC & Company worked with the city to host a number of World Pride events leading up to the Pride March in June.

Photos below showcase selects from events: a Proud Experiences party at 10 Corso Como, a kickoff party the Metropolitan Museum of Art, am IGLTA party at the Moxie, and the World Pride march.

My team and I designed signage, sculptures, and swag for the events and the spaces that contained them.

Design direction - Elizabeth Daggar

Design - Kent Blazek

Pride Uncontained logo design - Alex Quinn

Creative director - Elan Cole

World Pride March 2019
Proud Experiences party at 10 Corso Como
Proud Experiences banner at 10 Corso Como
World Pride Welcome party at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Pride Uncontained 'shard' sculpture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Entry to the Moxie decorated for the IGLTA World Pride party
Restroom signage at the Moxie for the IGLTA World Pride party
Everyone is Celebrated Here signage for businesses to display during World Pride
Pride Uncontained swag for World Pride marching contingent
Pride Uncontained tee shirts for World Pride marching contingent
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